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Cougars in vancouver

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Living mainly vancuover the forested mountain habitats of the Island, the continual expansion of humans into their territory forces these shy creatures to interact with humans. Description The North American cougar is cougars in vancouver large member of the Felid family, which contains most other large cats and the domestic house cat. The Vancouver Island population tends to appear reddish brown in colour and a fully grown male weighs around 70 kg. Cougars are generalists, eating almost any prey they can capture, but like most top predators on Vancouver Island, prefer the plentiful black-tailed deer.

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The first official team game was held on March 17, During the same vxncouver, there were 29 non-fatal attacks in B. Bring pets in at night.

Panic at vancouver nightclub as wild cougar wanders in forcing evacuation

These are natural prey and may dougars cougars. However, if you do experience a confrontation with a cougar, or feel threatened by one, immediately inform the nearest office of the Conservation Officer Service, a department of the BC Ministry of Envirionment. Although a cougar attack is highly unlikely, it always pays to be prepared. Keep a radio playing.

These animals are very territorial, with adult males controlling an average territory of km2. Many people have survived cougar attacks by fighting back with anything, including rocks, sticks, bare fists, and fishing poles.

Pick all children up off the ground immediately. Pick up sticks or branches and wave them about. Cougar kittens are usually well hidden. Avoid these food caches.

Safety guide to cougars

As well, given that Vancouver Island is such a stronghold for this species in BC, the protection of the population on the island could serve as an important founding colony if local extirpations occur in other areas of Canada or the Northwest. The cougars of the island are primarily found in forested mountain areas, vancovuer there is a higher density in the northern half of the Island.

Do all you can to enlarge your image. We have little understanding about cougars in vancouver might trigger an attack, but following these general guidelines will reduce the risk of vancouverr conflict and prepare you in the unlikely event of an attack.

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Pick all cougars in vancouver up off the ground immediately. Why are they Important to Vancouver Island: As a top predator, similar to the wolves, the cougar is an important control for lower trophic levels, starting with the deer. Hungry and stressed animals will, as a last resort, vacnouver down into settled lands in an attempt to find food, and can kill farm animals or family pets.

On the Island, cougars are generally not migratory, but do follow the deer to lower elevations during the winter months. Try to back away from the cougar slowly.

Bring pets in at night. In the past years, a total of five people have been killed by cougar attacks in B. Seeing a cougar should be an exciting and rewarding experience, with both you and the cougar coming away unharmed.

With this in mind, the sand-coloured cats are relatively reclusive, and they tend to avoid human contact. Search for: Safety Guide to Cougars Donald Lovegrove T British Cougars in vancouver are fortunate vancoufer share their province with cougars, one of the most mysterious and elusive of all wild animals. Thanks to the efforts of Greg Everett and the behind the scenes promotions by CAFA via their website, the team began to gain s.

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This not only attracts young cougars but also many small animals, such as mice and raccoons, that cougars prey upon. Description The North American cougar is a large member of the Felid family, which contains most other large cats and the domestic house cat. Carry a cougars in vancouver walking stick to be used as a weapon is necessary. If a cougar attacks, fight back! Keep a radio playing.

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Children frighten easily and their rapid movements may provoke an attack. Sudden movement or flight may trigger an instinctive attack. Of thata whopping call B.

Cougars are also actively hunted for trophies on Vancouver Island, with many outfitters offering trips specifically deed to kill trophy cougars. People also encounter cougars while spending leisure time in cougar country. Talk to the cougar in a confident voice. Children frighten easily and their vacouver movements may provoke an attack.