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Nissan altima 2008 problems

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Nissan altima 2008 problems

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Nissan- good looking but unreliable Nissan Altima 2. This is very undesirable especially in hot summer days. Also my radiator continuously has issues and I'm constantly putting antifreeze and water. I love the look of this car but do not like the overall working of it.

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I love every aspect of this model of car.


It is an extremely popular car so many on the road. The stock speakers are very high quality as well that last still sound brand new to this day.

Everything on the car is still stock and is very reliable. Changes lanes with ease, barely turning the steering wheel. The look is sleek and sophisticated, they are quiet cars as well.

Though hissan of the problems are on a recall list and when I called about the recall I was told my car wasn't on the list according to the vin. Timothy Minter on February 2, Helpful. I'm sure if purchased new the consumer experience would be different.

Last but not least my car is good on gas. I get regular oil changes and other required maintenance.

Nissan altima specifications (4-door sedan)

The praised hp 3. However the problem is when coming to complete stops my oil light will flicker then go off right after. The steering wheel is smooth and the tires are strong. Vehicle Problems Find out what cars to avoidview the latest problem trendsor keep up-to-date with the most recently reported problems. Dual exhaust.

MPG on it can be questionable though. The windows are nice. But, the tire pressure was checked and it is fine. Replacing a tire pressure sensor is not very expensive. If bought new and properly maintained it seems to me like this could be a tough car. Overall, it's a good engine; it can last long with proper maintenance.

Nissan altima problems, lineup, fuel economy, pros and cons

The oil drops appear on the passenger side of the engine. No other work done since bought and transmission change.

The timing chain doesn't need to be replaced at regular intervals. My car still has been in no accidents and the exterior is sleek as well as the fuzzy soft black foam seats.

Nissan altima

Needs new brakes and not fast everything works on it. Noisy brakes are not uncommon. It is heavy and can handle strong winds with ease.

Lauren B on August 5, 1 person found this helpful Helpful Very qltima car low maintenance long-lasting car. Other than that the near 10, miles I have drove it for has been fun. For me this car has been problematic since I purchased it 4 yrs ago.

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nissan altima 2008 problems I love my Nissan. Anita G on June 30, 4 people found this helpful Helpful I find it very interesting that a prob,ems year old car can be in such good shape. I treat my car like a baby. The electric system is also screwy. Dom M on June 14, 2 people found this helpful Helpful Not my favorite vehicle by far but has a good sound system.

Owner reviews

If I have to make a sudden stop my car brakes very quickly. They handle curves well, good on gas, low on maintenance. Several owners reported the brake master cylinder leaking brake fluid. The cvt transmission is one of my favorite parts about the car.